Fast-paced one hour seminars
segmented into 8 to 10 digestible modules
for Oracle DBAs and Developers
designed and presented by Craig Shallahamer


We believe that OraPub gives you the power to transform Oracle Database performance analysis. It can pave new ways of thinking. New ways of sparking ideas. Yet, our foundation never changes. A dedication to learning has always been a part of our DNA.

We have been proud to work alongside Oracle DBAs and Developers for 15 years reinventing what it means to explore, teach and learn. Together we are doing things we never thought possible. Come join us!

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Engineered for Oracle Standard Edition.
Oracle Performance Firefighting Get Info
Dec 8-10 West Coast USA Register Soon
Advanced Oracle Performance Analysis Get Info
Dec 11-12 West Coast USA Register Soon
Go Faster: Make Oracle Work for You! Get Info
June 16-17 Istanbul, Turkey (2 day)
Search: shallahamer, Country: Turkey
June 19-20 Munich, Germany (2 day)
Search: shallahamer, Country: Germany
July 17 Dublin, OH USA (1 day) Register
Sep 22-23 Warsaw, Poland (2 day)
Search: shallahamer, Country: Poland
Super Saturdays:
One Day Seminars About Oracle DB Performance
Get Info
May 17 Santa Clara, CA Register
User Groups & Other Events
Las Vegas, NV USA »
Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG)
• Understanding Oracle CPU Consumption: The Missing Link (1 hr, #932)
• Intro To Time Based Analysis: Stop The Guessing! (1 hr, #930)
• Oracle Memory Architecture And Performance Diagnosis In A Nutshell (30 min, #984)
• Calculating OS CPU Utilization From V$ Views, AWR, And Statspack (30 min, #982)
Get Info
Wiliamsburg, VA USA »
Virginia Oracle User Group (VOUG | HROUG)
• Pre-Conf: Digging for Database Performance Gold in Unusual Places (2pm-5pm, 23-Apr)
• Detailing Oracle CPU Consumption: The Missing Link (24-Apr)
Get Info

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