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What membership includes

Online Training

Receive unlimited access to specialized training in Oracle database performance tuning through engaging video modules. New trainings added monthly.

Skills assessment

Use post-course Skills Assessments to gain understanding, uncover knowledge gaps and highlight training to watch again before moving on. It’s progress you can see.

How-To Webinars

One or two live webinars each month. Topics include ASH, time based analysis, Oracle internals, performance tuning strategies, capacity planning and more.

Learning paths

Reach goals faster with expert-curated learning paths. It is a great way to set goals, methodically move forward and be rewarded along the way.

Priority Response

Personal career mentoring and Q&A by Craig Shallahamer himself.


Unlimited access to OraPub’s tools and presentations.



Content available anytime

Creative options


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How-To Webinars

Included in all memberships

Live training from Craig himself

Q&A always included


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Personal Training

Both onsite and public

Training where you want it

Customize on-site needs


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