Forecasting Oracle Performance

Tools and Scripts

Instead of starting from scratch, how about getting a jump start using existing scripts and tools? This web-page contains working scripts and tools from which you can use as-is or build into a more robust system.

This page is updated regularly. If you would like any additions, please email us at support at orapub dot com.

Oracle Focused CPU Speed Test (Jan 2009)
Advanced CPU Forecasting Excel Workbook (July 2008)
Multiple workload category data collector w/how to doc. Based upon dbms_monitor (May 2008)
Basic CPU Forecasting Excel Workbook (March 2008)
M/M/m Queuing Theory Spreadsheet (Dec 2006)
Excel Add-In M/M/m Queuing Theory Functions (Nov 2007)
Erlang C forecasting Perl script (April 2007)
Simple Linear Regression Analysis Template (2m 04-June-07)
Multiple Linear Regression Analysis Template (2g 12-April-07)
Statistical Analysis Excel Workbook (1b 21-Oct-98)
Statistical Significance Analysis Excel Workbook (2a 27-Feb-03)
Data collection script for Oracle (v$sysstat) and OS (CPU and IO) (v1.2 03-Sep-2008)
Scalability worksheet (1a 13-April-07)

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