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Response Time Analysis

A performance diagnosis methodology that reflects the user’s experience. Based upon Oracle’s instrumentation and the host operating system, it is possible to construct a profile of a specific Oracle session or the entire Oracle database. This allows the performance analysis to reflect what a user feels…time.

When I first published the original Oracle Response Time Analysis technical paper in 2001, performance specialists where starting to embrace Oracle’s wait interface. But they where still missing two critical components; categorizing Oracle’s wait events to increase communication and aid in analysis, and also the inclusion of database server CPU consumption. Since that time, Response Time Analysis has proved itself both by on-site performance practitioners and even Oracle itself! Who with Oracle 10g created views to categorize the wait events and also have brought CPU time more accurately and easily into play through interval structures and even its performance products.

In my mind, one company “got it” from the beginning. Not only has Confio embraced the elegance of response time analysis (or Wait –Time analysis as they refer to it), but has created the graphical interface to capture the essence of Response Time Analysis and effectively lead the performance analyst.

Sure anyone can download my free tool kit and perform a solid Response Time Analysis. But anyone who has attending my training also knows that instead of running a series of scripts and knowing which script to run next, the possibility exists for a product to intelligently and elegantly lead the analyst through this process. This is what Confio has done.

Confio is designed so well that I am able to use their products in my training in addition to my scripts. Why? Because I feel my students gain from seeing how the raw technology can be used elegantly and powerfully so they can naturally and quickly diagnose extremely
complicated database server performance problems. If you have not experienced Confio products, I recommend that you do. You owe it to yourself to experience how quickly, how spot-on, and how painless Oracle performance diagnosis can be.

Get a free trial from www.confio.com/orapub


Key Confio Attributes

No install on your monitored server and no significant load

Continuous monitoring
Unlike other tracing tools, Confio gives you continuous coverage of every server, all the time

Wait Time analysis
This is the easiest way to incorporate Response Time analysis into your DBA process


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