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2013_NOUG_DayInLife12c   A Day In The Life Of An Oracle 12c Server Process (NOUG 2013 Presentation)
2012_BGOUG_DayInLife   A Day In The Life Of An Oracle Server Process (BGOUG 2012 Presentation)
pctfree   A Study in PCTFree In B*-Tree Indexes (Dec-2002)
Advanced_CPU_FC_1d   Advanced CPU Forecasting Excel Workbook (1d, 30-July-2008)
sp2   Adventures in Tuning the Shared Pool for Web Applications (mar-01)
dbfrag   All About Oracle Database Fragmentation (June-01)
IMU2   All About Oracle's In-Memory Undo (06-May-2009) PRESENTATION
IMU1   All About Oracle's In-Memory Undo (v1n, 22-January-2009) Technical Paper
tc   All About Oracle's Touch-Count Data Block Buffer Algorithm (Jan 2004)
undo   Automatic Undo Internals (June-2003)
Basic_CPU_FC_1c   Basic CPU Forecasting Excel Workbook (1c, 17-March-2008)
2012_ECO_CBC   Cache Buffer Chain Analysis (ECO ppt, 17-Oct-2012)
2013_PHLOUG_CBC   Cache Buffer Chain Analysis (PHLOUG ppt, 13-Feb-2013)
2014_IOUG_OS_CPU_Util   Calculating OS CPU Utilization from v$ (IOUG April-2014)
coaster   Capacity Planning Using Roller Coaster Tycoon (July 2004)
latch1   Conquering Oracle Latch Contention (March 2005) IOUG 2005, RMOUG '06, IOUG/Collab 2007 Tech Paper
IOUG07_Latching   Conquering Oracle Latch Contention - IOUG 2007 Presentation
201408_NOCOUG_Redo   Creative Oracle 12c Redo Maneuvers (NoCOUG 2014 Presentation)
2013_DOAG_CWI   Creative Wait Interface Maneuvers (DOAG 20-Nov2013)
2013_NoCOUG_CWI   Creative Wait Interface Maneuvers (NoCOUG Aug 2013)
2013_GLOC_Cursors   Cursors, Child Cursors, and More (GLOC 2013 Presentation)
2012_IOUG_FOP   Deep Dive: Daily Forecasting & Predictive Analysis (IOUG 2012)
2014-11_AUSOUG_CPU_Details   Detailing Oracle CPU Consumption (AUSOUG November-2014)
2013_BGOUG_CPU_Link   Detailing Oracle CPU Consumption (BGOUG 23-Nov-2013)
2013_DOAG_CPU_Link   Detailing Oracle CPU Consumption (DOAG 20-Nov-2013)
2014_IOUG_CPU_Detail   Detailing Oracle CPU Consumption (IOUG April-2014)
2014-09_OOW_CPU_Details   Detailing Oracle CPU Consumption (OOW September-2014)
2014_RMOUG_CPU_Detail   Detailing Oracle CPU Consumption (RMOUG 7-Feb-2014)
wi   Direct Contention Identification Using Oracle's Session Wait Event Views (April-2002)
erlangc   Erlang-C Mathematics in Perl (1a,Jan 2007)
EPF_ppr   Essential Performance Forecasting - Paper RMOUG/IOUG/Collab'06 (March 2006)
EPF_ppt   Essential Performance Forecasting - Presentation RMOUG/IOUG/Collab'06/OOW'06 (October 2006)
Sci_Eval_Sol   Evaluating Alternative Performance Solutions (v2e, 6-November-2009) Technical Paper
queue_addin_1a   Excel Add-in: M/M/m Queuing Theory Functions (1a, Nov 2007)
BC_Explore_MM   Exploring Buffer Cache Visualization (v6e 12-Sep-2011)
RT_Explore_MM   Exploring RT (Mathematica Notepad) (v1d 17-June-2010)
FF_Template   Firefighting Diagnostic Template (1k, 3-Sep-2014)
data_gather_v1.1   Forecasting data collection script for Oracle and OS (v1.1 May 11, 2007)
data_gather_Vx   Forecasting data collection script for Oracle and OS (v1.2 03-Sept-2008)
FOP_Book   Forecasting Oracle Performance Book (Apress)
fulltime-sh - Report both Wait and CPU time detatils (3e, 1-Nov-2013)
FOP_Getting_Started   Getting Started Forecasting Oracle Performance (v1d, 14-March-2008, IOUG/Collab '08)
FOP_Getting_Started_ppt   Getting Started Forecasting Oracle Performance PRESENTATION (21-March-2008, IOUG/Collab '08)
Opt_Ora_Perf   Getting Started Optimizing Oracle Performance (v1d, 12-Feb-2008, IOUG/Collab '08)
Opt_Ora_Perf_ppt   Getting Started Optimizing Oracle Performance PRESENTATION (21-March-2008, IOUG/Collab '08)
hash_block   Hash Block Perl Script (26-Jan-2010)
hash_text   Hash Text Perl Script (14-Jul-2009)
2011 NoCOUG History Of   History of Oracle Perf Analysis (NoCOUG ppt, 9-Nov-2011)
iot1   Index Organized Tables - When should they be used? (April-2002)
2012-GUOB-Intro-BC   Intro Oracle Buffer Cache Internals (GUOB Brasil ppt, 24-Mar-2012)
201208_IntroBC   Intro to Oracle Buffer Cache Internals (OTN LAC Tour August 2012 ppt)
IPD_DC   Intro to Oracle Performance Diagnosis - Desktop Conf Presentation (Feb 2006)
2014_IOUG_Intro_TBA   Intro to Time Based Anlaysis: Stop the guessing! (IOUG April 2014)
2013_NoCOUG_TBA   Intro to Time Based Anlaysis: Stop the guessing! (NoCOUG Aug 2013)
Server_Consolidation_PPT   Introduction To Oracle Server Consolidation (v2b, 10-February-2009) PRESENTATION
Server_Consolidation_Doc   Introduction To Oracle Server Consolidation (v2b, 10-February-2009) Technical Paper
2013_BGOUG_TBA   Introduction to Oracle Time Based Analysis (BGOUG November 2013)
2013_ECO_TBA   Introduction to Oracle Time Based Analysis (ECO November 2013)
2013_GLOC_Intro_WI   Introduction to Oracle's Wait Interface (GLOC 2013 Presentation)
bp1   Investigating the Multiple Buffer Pool Feature of Oracle8 (mar-00)
LC_Explore_MM   Library Cache Visualization Tool (v3c 12-Sep-2011)
queuingxls   M/M/m Queuing Theory Analysis Spreadsheet (3d, May 2010)
MeForecast   Me? Forecast Performance?
mrpp   Microstate Response-Time Performance Profiling (MRPP) (May-2003)
myths   Modern Performance Myths - Paper RMOUG/IOUG/Collab'06/OOW'06 (Feb 2006)
myths_ppt   Modern Performance Myths - Presentation RMOUG/IOUG/Collab'06/OOW'06 (October 2006)
MultiLR   Multiple Linear Regression Analysis Template (2g 12-April-07)
2013_OOW_Serial   Optimizing Internal Serialization Control (latches and mutexs) (OOW 2013 Presentation)
Serial_OOW2010   Optimizing Internal Serialization Control (OOW SF 2010 Presentation)
2013_IOUG_Serial   Optimizing Oracle Internal Serialization Control (IOUG 2013)
cpu_speed_test   Oracle Centric CPU Speed Test (1i, 21-Oct-2014) w/Results Posted!
tblcompress   Oracle Database Table Compression (Sept-2005)
2014-11_DBShowcase_Mem_Control   Oracle DB Memory Serialization Control (DB Tech Showcase, November 2014)
2014_NoCOUG_Mem_Control   Oracle DB Memory Structure Control (NoCOUG May 2014)
2013_NOUG_MemArch12c   Oracle Memory Architecture on Steriods (11g & 12c) (NOUG 2013 Presentation)
FF_Book   Oracle Performance Firefighting Book (OraPub)
FF_Book_PDF   Oracle Performance Firefighting Book in *PDF* (OraPub)
FF_Book_PACK   Oracle Performance Firefighting Book PACK (PDF & PRINT)
traige   Oracle Performance Triage - Stop The Bleeding
2013_CONFIO_WEBINAR_WI   Oracle Wait Interface... (Confio webinar April 2013)
op_collector   OraPub Collector (27-Feb-2009)
db-time-analysis-tool   OraPub DB Time Analysis Tool (v1a, 05-Dec-2014)
opload   OraPub Load Generator (1c 05-June-2008)
MSolver-web   OraPub M Solver (on-line)
Quick-UOWTBA-web   OraPub Quick UOWTBA Web Application (on-line)
osm   OraPub System Monitor (OSM) Toolkit (v15f3 for Ora 7-12c, 29-Jan-2015)
sp1   Piranhas In The Pool, SQL Performance Killers (July 2001)
cp1   Predicting Computing System Capacity and Throughput (feb-96)
3tier   Predicting The Performance Of 3 Tier Systems. (11-Mar-2002)
Quantify_OOW2010   Quantifying Oracle System Performance (OOW SF 2010 Presentation)
2011 OTN-APAC BBW   Resolving Buffer Busy Contention (OTN APAC Tour ppt, 5-Nov-2011)
2011 UTOUG BBW   Resolving Buffer Busy Wait Contention (UTOUG ppt, 14-Sep-2011)
2013_IOUG_CBC   Resolving Cache Buffer Chain Latch Contention (IOUG 2013)
FBW_OOW2010   Resolving the Free Buffer Wait Event (OOW SF 2010 Presentation)
rta   Response Time Analysis for Oracle Based Systems (Jan-2004)
RT_Graph_Template   Response Time Graph Template (CPU(1,2) & IO) (1b, 8-Jun-2010)
respfore   Responsibly Forecasting Oracle System Performance (June-2003)
RT_Compare_Graph   RT Comparison Graphs (1h, 7-Feb-2011)
RT_I_Graph   RT Interactive Graphs (1b,01-Sep-2009)
scalemodels   Scalability Models Spreadsheet (1a, 13-April-07)
Sci_Eval_Sol_IOUG   Scientifically Evaluating Alternative Perf Solutions (IOUG 2010 Presentation)
SimpleLR   Simple Linear Regression Analysis Template (2n 09-July-07)
2012_IOUG_SQL_ETA   SQL Elapsed Time Analysis (IOUG 2012 Presentation)
SQLElapsedCollector   SQL Elapsed Time Collector (1a 31-Jan-2011)
SQLESampler   SQL Elapsed Time Sampler (e3, 3-May-2012)
statsam   Statistical Analysis Excel Workbook (1c 26-May-2011)
statsig2a   Statistical Significance Analysis Excel Workbook (2a 27-Feb-03))
loadgen2h   Stock Trader Load Generator (2h 19-April-05)
2014-11_OTBA_AUSOUG_DBShowcase   Stop The Guessing! Using Timed Based Analysis to Improve Oracle Performance (AUSOUG, DB Showcase, November-2014)
2014-10_OTBA_SolarWinds   Stop The Guessing! Using Timed Based Analysis to Improve Oracle Performance (Webinar October-2014)
Stori-FL   Stori: Full License
StoriFree   StoriFree
test   test
2012_BGOUG_AvgDecept   The Average Deception (BGOUG 2012 Presentation)
201208_AvgDec   The Average Deception (OTN LAC Tour August 2012 ppt)
2011_IOUG_DayLife   The Day In The Life Of An Oracle Server Process (IOUG 2011 Presentation)
gtt   The Effectiveness of Global Temporary Tables (jan-01)
ratio   The Ratio Modeling Technique - Quickly Performing Low Confidence Capacity Predictions (July 2003)
tpm   Total Performance Management (Feb 1995)
2014_NoCOUG_Serial_Appls   Two creative applications of serialization control (NoCOUG May 2014)
2013_ECO_CPU_Link   Understanding Oracle CPU Consumption (ECO November 2013)
2012_BGOUG_UOWTBA   Unit of Work Time Based Analysis (BGOUG 2012 Presentation)
2012-GUOB-UOWTBA   Unit Of Work Time Based Analysis (GUOB Brasil ppt, 24-Mar-2012)
2012_IOUG_UOWTBA   Unit of Work Time Based Analysis (IOUG 2012 Presentation)
201408_NOCOUG_UOWTBA   Unit of Work Time Based Analysis (NoCOUG 2014 Presentation)
201208_UOWTBA   Unit of Work Time Based Analysis (OTN LAC Tour August 2012 ppt)
2013_PHLOUG_UOWTBA   Unit of Work Time Based Analysis (PHLOUG 2013 Presentation)
Time_TT_RT_Tool   Visual Total Time and Response Time Tool (v1b 13-Oct-2012)
WE_Hist_Tool   Wait Event Time Distribution Analysis Tool (v4c 13-Nov-2012)
webload   WebLoad - Load Generator (1h 19-April-05)
2014_IOUG_Merge   Workshop: Merging Time-Based Analysis and Q Theory (IOUG 2014)

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