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For 20+ years, Craig has seen it all when it comes to Oracle database optimization, the good, the bad & the ugly. How many times has an "expert" come on-site only to cost you thousands of dollars and make your systems even more complex? Bad code, promises not kept, no honesty in what is REALLY happening. You know what we mean. Craig prides himself on giving his clients the straight talk they need so they can act wisely and with confidence. He is a true expert. He gives real performance optimization to your systems and shows you how to keep it going. And, he is honest in his assessments and advice.



We are proud to provide a number of free Oracle performance centric tools. These tools are advanced & specialized Oracle database tuning tools created for the Oracle DBA.

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Conference Presentations

Enjoy Craig's research, writing and teaching in PowerPoint format. After each conference, Craig posts his presentations here for everyone to download and enjoy.

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How-To Webinars About Oracle Database Tuning

Live and interactive, our webinars are "how-to" focused so you can learn how to solve real Oracle performance problems. Craig does one or two webinars each month. A paid membership is required to view these in their entirety, but the intro videos are free.

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The perfect books for Oracle DBAs focusing on Oracle performance tuning and forecasting.

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Stori - Automated Oracle Performance Analysis

If you know about Oracle's ADDM, then you know what Stori does, except Stori is better. Stori transforms performance data into an understandable story. It is well organized. Results are in paragraph form with charts. Recommendations are specific and ranked. Everything is in plain English, and that's just the beginning!

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