From AWR To ASH To R: Modern Oracle Performance Analysis

• Solve the big problems the best way • Cutting edge diagnostics •

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In this seminar you will learn how to choose the best performance diagnostic strategy for your most pressing Oracle database issues. You will learn how to systematically diagnose each problem. With this diagnosis you will learn how to combine it with user objectives, Oracle internals, operating system behavior and Oracle performance data to develop specific and targeted solutions.

There are a number of Oracle internal modules that naturally support the seminar’s live performance analysis demonstrations. Also, the seminar provides before and after assessments so you will know you have learned the content accurately.

If you are looking to truly solve your worst Oracle DB issues and confidently tune Oracle systems in profound ways, then this seminar is exactly what you need.

Why Should You Attend

This seminar focuses on quickly developing targeted tuning solutions, understanding why they work and how to communicate this to others. To do this, Craig uniquely focuses on both “how Oracle works” and “how to do Oracle performance optimization.” It is this collaborate focus that allows you to immediately apply the seminar material in your daily work. Craig is a fabulous teacher and an Oracle tuning expert, which means your take-aways will be significant and long lasting.

Seminar Objectives

Learn how selected areas of Oracle work together. You will learn how to:

  • Use an Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) report or data to tune the Oracle database
  • Use Active Session History (ASH) to analyze a performance incident
  • Derive profound solutions that are highly effective
  • Quickly discover performance improving opportunities
  • Understand how Oracle works deep inside
  • Create graphs, histograms and do basic statistics using R

What You Receive

Get confidence in your tuning strategies. You will learn:

  • How to analyze a random and short-duration performance incident
  • Different Oracle tuning strategies
  • How to pick the best tuning strategy
  • How to effectively combine tuning strategies
  • How to install and use R - the free statistical and visualization package
  • How to cross-check your tuning analysis using the operating system
  • Why a solution will help and may not help
  • How to better understand Oracle wait time using histograms
  • How to create a performance situation visualization using R

Totally Unique

  • Affordable
  • Expert instruction by an Oracle ACE Director
  • Combines both incident and systemic performance situations
  • Fun and interactive


Craig updates each section before each offering.

  • How to choose your best Oracle performance analysis strategy
  • How to cross-check your analysis using the operating system
  • Oracle buffer cache internals and tuning
  • Tuning Oracle using an AWR report
  • Building your own ASH toolkit
  • Oracle shared pool and library cache internals and tuning
  • How to use R in your performance analysis work
  • Oracle redo buffer internals and tuning
  • Incident analysis using ASH data


Required skills: Familiar with basic Oracle architecture and performance tuning.

Seminar Format: This seminar can be delivered in either a one or two-day format. The two-day format allows more time for Q&A, in-class interaction and discussion, content depth, hands-on labs and more live demonstrations.

Times: Normal times are 9:00am to 5:00pm with a one-hour lunch break. However, each location can be slightly different.

Equipment: You need the ability to view or download HTML and text files from the internet