Oracle Forecasting & Predictive Analysis

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3 days

Our predictive analysis course teaches you how to avoid getting into a firefighting situation by forecasting your systems requirements and limits. It focuses on the practical application of proven, predictive analysis. You can apply what you learn with server consolidation, alternative hardware analysis, expected and unexpected workload change, new and revised SQL inclusion and RAC. This course provides an understanding of systems limits coupled with the knowledge to predict performance and risk. At the same time, you will be able to decrease downtime, eliminate perpetual fires, and increasing your overall IT return on investment.

The only industry-unique class that will prepare you to responsibly:

  • Know when and what to upgrade
  • Consolidate servers and databases
  • Predict response time
  • Forecast the impact of workload changes
  • Understand your system's limits and load capacities
  • Analyze various hardware scenarios
  • Calculate the impact of new and changed SQL

All levels of DBAs will learn how to quickly answer the following:

  • Will your system handle 20% more users?
  • Will RAC provide the performance you need?
  • Are you able to consolidate multiple databases into a single server?
  • What will happen if you place a new SQL statement into production?
  • Does it make sense to upgrade to a better hardware configuration?
  • Do you have a rigorous method comprising of a selection of models to base your decisions upon?

IT and Operations Managers will gain:

  • An understanding of system limits - Learn to answer the following questions: How long do we have? Do we really need to upgrade? When do we need to upgrade? What are our upgrade options?
  • The knowledge to decrease downtime - Downtime costs millions in lost revenue and brand destruction. As a manager, it is also potentially embarrassing. With the ability to predict your system's capacities beforehand, you are better equipped to eliminate downtime before it occurs.
  • How to increase your ROI - Stop overbuying by learning how to plan, not guess, your hardware needs as your company changes.
  • The ability to eliminate perpetual fires - Knowing your system's capabilities reduces performance fires. Guaranteed! Stop the cycle of having to explain to your VP about yet another performance escalation.

Every DBA, IT Manager, and Operations Manager will benefit from this course. It goes beyond putting out database fires, and provides you (and your staff) with a reliable method to forecast your requirements and current system's limits. We will empower you to make better financial decisions regarding your company's capital investments, reducing overall performance issues, and ultimately propelling your career forward. And, you'll get a better night's sleep.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Foundations of predictive analysis
  • Essential forecasting & predictive analysis
  • Case studies (5)
  • Methodically forecasting Oracle performance
  • Predictive data analysis
  • Case studies (2)

Day 2

  • Increasing forecast precision
  • Case studies (5)
  • Practical queuing theory
  • Case studies (5)
  • Data collection and workload characterization
  • Case studies (3)

Day 3

  • Case studies (2)
  • Regression analysis (RA)
  • Case studies (2 per student)
  • Scalability
  • Final case study

Note: As you can tell, this class is full of case studies. While not specifically mentioned, the case studies will cover topics like server consolidation, RAC, new SQL inclusion, business-centric change analysis, alternative hardware analysis, and directly reinforcing the lecture content.