Oracle Tuning Fastpath

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4 sessions    Standard Price - $199   Email for possible discount.

If you're new to Oracle, you already know there is a significant learning curve to begin tuning Oracle, let alone get really good at it! We want to quickly get you up that learning curve. This live, virtual class (LVC) introduces you to the foundations of Oracle tuning. Once you have mastered this class, you will be able to quickly assimilate the vast amount of information and techniques to optimize Oracle systems. You will have what it takes to become a great Oracle tuner! You will also be ready to take full advantage of an OraPub membership.

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Why should I attend this class?

If you are a new Oracle DBA and want to learn how to tune Oracle systems, this class is for you. In a nutshell, Craig's Tuning Fastpath class combines "how Oracle works" with "how to diagnose Oracle problems." You will be prepared to more quickly become proficient at tuning Oracle. It does not matter what version of Oracle you are running (including 12c), the configuration, or the platform. We guarantee you will leave this class with a solid foundation to take your tuning skills to the next level.

You will be able to:

  • Understand what senior Oracle DBAs are talking about
  • Understand how Oracle works and processes SQL
  • Use SQL*Plus and an AWR report to understand what Oracle is doing
  • Setup a performance problem diagnostic framework
  • Learn how to use OraPub's free tuning toolkits
  • Know how to use the core v$ and DBA performance views
  • Integrate immediately into OraPub's membership community and maximize the benefits

Class Outline

Session 1. Oracle Architecture

  • Memory architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Process architecture

Session 2. Life Of An Oracle SQL Statement

  • Review of prior session
  • Oracle database time
  • Parsing
  • Executing
  • Fetching

Session 3. Detecting performance problems

  • Review from prior session
  • OraPub 3-Circle analysis
  • Oracle Time-Based Analysis
  • Active Session History analysis

Session 4. Using An AWR/Statspack Report To Tune Oracle

  • Review of prior session
  • Oracle focused analysis
  • Operating system focused analysis
  • Application focused analysis
  • Integrating your analysis
  • Working your way to becoming an Oracle tuning expert


Class Hours: There are 8 hours of live, interactive webinar training divided into four 2-hour sessions. To maximize learning and to work with your busy schedule, there will be a 1-3 day gap between sessions.

Class Structure: OraPub believes you learn more when you freely and actively engage during the training. This is why each session is full of live demonstrations and lots of Q&A time. Craig types a lot during class. This "session log" is available after each session. If you miss a session, you are free to attend that session when the class is offered again.

Watching Recorded Sessions: Each session is recorded and used to create a unique web page just for your class. The recordings can be streamed using any device, but not downloaded. You can re-watch the videos as many times as you wish. The videos and your unique class web page will be available for three years!

Class Homework: After each live session, homework will be available for you to download. The homework consists of a series of investigative questions which allow you to personally experience the session concepts, increasing your retention. Any slides presented during the sessions will also be available for your download.

Class Requirements:

You will need:

  • The ability to connect to the online training over the internet, hosted by You do not need a microphone. Craig is the only one that speaks but all students will be typing their questions, answers and comments... it's very lively! Oracle software is not required during the live training.
  • Time to do the homework. You can expect the homework to take as long as the live sessions, which is about 1.5 hours.
  • The ability to connect to an active Oracle system. You can connect to Oracle using the tool of your choice, such as SQL*Plus or SQL Developer. You will also need access to the v$ and DBA views and the ability to generate either an AWR or Statspack report. We do not use OEM. If you can tune Oracle from the command line, you can tune Oracle using any respectable GUI tool. Also, Craig only uses SQLPlus, so you can type exactly what he types.

Bonus: You will get free insight from Craig for one of your AWR/Statspack reports. You do the analysis, email your findings to Craig, and he will give you free feedback!

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