Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report

• End the desperate search for answers • Live & interactive class • Use an AWR report the right way •


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7 sessions    Standard Price - $899

Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report teaches DBAs how to make Oracle database systems fast using an AWR or Statspack report. Craig will lead you through the entire process turning you into a respected performance analyst. No more flipping through an entire AWR report top-to-bottom desperately searching for answers! You will learn how to develop solutions that are spot-on and everyone will know it. You will know what to do, do it fast, and be able to explain the situation with clarity and confidence.

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Why should I attend this class?

Most DBAs look at an AWR report and... freeze! Or, they start at the top and work their way through the report looking for something that seems important or unusual. This is NOT the way to use an AWR report and certainly not the way to set up your performance diagnosis. Craig will teach you how to take any AWR report and perform a spot-on analysis that always leads to a list of multiple solutions, next steps and an intriguing story.

You will be able to:

  • Choose your best performance tuning approach
  • Find the true "top" SQL
  • Understand how the operating system is impacting performance
  • Derive targeted solutions
  • State how and where Oracle gets and derives key performance data
  • Use OraPub's 3-Circle analysis
  • Use Oracle's time model
  • Create a story explaining the performance situation
  • Watch and listen to Craig as he details each step multiple times

Class Outline

Session 1. Choosing your best diagnostic strategy

Session 2. Finding the true "top" SQL

Session 3. Complete live AWR-based analysis including OS integration

Session 4. Deep dive into Oracle's time model - CPU time

Session 5. Deep dive into Oracle's time model - wait time

Session 6. Integrating all analysis pieces to develop the performance story

Session 7. Complete live AWR-based analysis including OS integration


Class Hours: There are 14 hours of live, interactive webinar training divided into seven 2-hour sessions. To maximize learning and to work with your busy schedule, there will be a 1-3 day gap between sessions.

Class Structure: OraPub believes you learn more when you freely and actively engage during the training. This is why each session is full of live demonstrations and lots of Q&A time. If you miss a session, you are free to attend that session when the class is offered again. (Classes are not recorded).

Class Homework: After each live session, you can download your homework. The homework consists of a series of investigative questions (most contain SQL you run on an active Oracle system). The purpose is for you to personally experience the session contents to increase your retention. If there are any slides presented during each session, they will be given to you.

Class Times: To accommodate DBAs around the world, we offer this class at different times. Check our event calendar for an offering that works with your schedule.

Class Requirements:

You will need:

  • The ability to connect to the online training over the internet, hosted by gotomeeting.com. You do not need a microphone. Craig is the only one that speaks but all students will be typing their questions, answers and comments... it's very lively! Oracle software is not required during the live training.
  • Time to do the homework. You can expect the homework to take between 30 to 90 minutes.
  • The ability to connect to an active Oracle system. You can connect to Oracle using the tool of your choice, such as SQL*Plus or SQL Developer. You will also need access to the v$ and DBA views and the ability to generate either an AWR or Statspack report. We do not use OEM. If you can tune Oracle from the command line, you can tune Oracle using any respectable GUI tool. Also, Craig only uses SQLPlus, so you can type exactly what he types.

Bonus: You will get free insight from Craig for one of your AWR/Statspack reports. You do the analysis, email your findings to Craig, and he will give you free feedback!