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1-Day Oracle Performance Research Seminar 2013

Our seminar is a unique Oracle performance analysis course answering the “why” questions. Scientific experimentation has led to a number of amazing discoveries about how Oracle really works and how to practically use this to our advantage.

This Research Seminar was developed by OraPub founder and Oracle ACE Director, Craig Shallahamer, author of the books Oracle Performance Firefighting and Forecasting Oracle Performance and the insightful blog, A Wider View. Craig is a gifted teacher with 20+ years of experience. He has a knack for making complex topics come alive and become seemingly uncomplicated.

Each year Craig takes his raw research and weaves it into a cohesive seminar that is extremely day-to-day practical. We hope you can join us for this fast paced and exciting day!

You Will

  • Gain deep performance insights.
  • Learn about general performance analysis topics (e.g., transaction arrival patterns, serialization) that have a profound impact on performance… all based on experimental research.
  • Learn about specific performance topics, such as Oracle internal structures and algorithms… all based on experimental research.
  • Learn how to use the research in your daily performance analysis work.
  • Learn how to develop, run, and analyze your own performance experiments.

Why should I attend this seminar?

As a seasoned Oracle professional, you know most Oracle performance analysis is based on folklore and non-scientific research. This is obviously not desirable because it leads to an incorrect analysis. This seminar presents a number of very specific performance topics that are analyzed 100% through scientific experimentation and then applied to daily Oracle performance analysis. If you are looking for greater insights than what Google, books or a fancy slide deck can provide, then you'll love this seminar!

Craig will cover

  • Tips for Oracle performance analysis research
  • Parsing: hard, soft, and softer... How bad is bad?
  • Cursors, child cursors and more child cursors
  • Altering DML batch sizes
  • Resolving Log File Sync using commit write
  • Dealing with skewed data... the right way
  • Merging time based analysis and queuing theory
  • Are you sure it’s the index root block?
  • Calculating CPU utilization from v$osstat
  • SQL CPU time reliability


Required skills: If you are comfortable with time based Oracle performance analysis and Oracle internals, then you will be well prepared. Oracle Performance Firefighting students are very well prepared.

Times: One day, from 9:00am to 5:30pm with a one-hour lunch break.

Equipment: None. While there will be some exercises, a calculator is all that will be necessary.

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